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Lütfen Resim Paylaşımlarınızı Galeri Üzerinden Yapınız. Ek Dosya Yükleme İptal Edilmiştir..

Bizimle Paylaşmak İstediğiniz Resimlerinizi Galeri Dışında Link Olarak Vermek Yasaktır. Galeriye Nasıl Resim Yükleneceğini Bilmiyorsanız Lütfen Konumuzu İnceleyin Buradan Açtığımız Konuyu Ziyaret Edebilirsiniz.
  • You can earn more money than you ever need.

    We are all vulnerable to harmful charities and, unfortunately, the authorities, we must warn them that the raw material of this slogan is not flamboyant, "you can get more money than you need without collecting it." Donate money, lose, and sell goods to your institution on the market. "Such surprise sentences for charities that understand the harsh and hard-working responsibilities of employers, determine the future of work, campaign management and demand. It is our human duty, which constantly reminds us that fundraising does not have any coordination and connection with comfort and convenience.

    What are our costs in general? First, specify the cost and additional explanation of each of the costs you pay for yogurt.

    2. How much will our net profit be after the sale of the items?

    3 Should I buy all the goods? Maybe after the product is shipped, then should we pay the rebate or pay the full amount to our account? Is there a time limit for returning goods?

    4. If the goods are sold securely to restore the limit or penalty? Is there a time limit for returning goods?

    5. Which of the parties will be responsible for paying transportation and handling costs?